Certification BIO
Farine pour viennoiseries

The Minoterie Bourseau has followed a quality initiative for many years, meeting the consumers' legitimate need to identify the products they consume in terms of traceability, food safety and flavour.

It focuses on three main areas:

The AB label, Organic farming. This is now a real asset for bakers as customers are increasingly concerned about their health and the environment.

The Label Rouge Bagatelle flour. This is a guarantee of bread made following a traditional French method. It involves a specific bread-making technique.
The "red label" is now the only official label which guarantees superior quality and food safety.

The CRC label . CRC® farming includes a set of practices with two main aims.
To produce healthy, high-quality cereals. To respect the environment and the balance of ecosystems.

The CRC® approach follows sustainable farming, and is realistic and competitive

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